Macedon D’Mello

Keep the faith. The most amazing things in life tend to happen right at the moment you’re about to give up hope. The journey of Macedon D’Mello puts across the same virtue for all the strugglers out there.

Macedon had started dancing at the age of 14 and developed his basic skills all by himself which is truly respect worthy. During the times of sans YouTube, Ganesh Hegde was the dancer that inspired him to the core. He regards him to be the finest and grooviest artists of the country till date. Since then, he has indeed come a long way. Macedon worked as an actor in Channel V’s television show, Dil Dosti Dance for almost 4 years. He also did a cameo on the Mtv show Girls on Top. He is part of the hip-hop dance crew, Desi Hoppers that was founded in 2015. His crew went on to become the World Champions of World of Dance 2015. The crew participated in the 11th season of America’s Got Talent. They also performed on the hit Chinese show Day Day up. In addition to that, they also featured in several promotional videos for World of Dance. They were invited as guest performers in the World of Dance Finals 2017 at Los Angeles. Recently, the Desi Hoppers also filmed for a cross-national dance reality show of Malaysia called the Asian Battleground.

Desi hoppers
Desi Hoppers

During this long journey, there were some funny as well as embarrassing moments. Macedon recalls all those times when he had forgotten the choreography on stage and somehow covered it up with his expressions. Among everything, he tells us about this particular incident which took place during his college fest when his act involved changing of the costume during the performance. When he did that, his pants came off along with it and all of it got caught on camera. Yikes!  The whole of the audience shared a great laugh but to him, it remains to be by far the most embarrassing moment of his life.


Currently, Macedon is dancing with his crew for various shows and events. Apart from that, he also conducts workshops, acts and also goes for auditions once in a while. Talking about the future, he admits that he has no plans as such but he does believe that learning never stops. He wants to travel and spread as well as gather knowledge.
Behind this successful actor/dancer from Mumbai, is a very supportive family who never questioned his decision. Even when Macedon took the bold move of dropping out from college to pursue dance, they didn’t stop him from chasing his dreams. Eventually, he did complete his graduation but he appreciates and rather feels fortunate to have such a supportive family.

IMG_6106.jpgThe journey till here was indeed a bumpy one and the road to success wasn’t easy. During extreme moments, he even felt like quitting dance and taking up a job. However, his passion for his art never lets him give up. Even though he had second thoughts about pursuing dance as a full-time career, he knew it within his heart that this is what he wants to do; irrespective of what people think of him and how hard it would be to earn a living out of it.

To all the struggling dancers out there, Macedon advices to have a clear picture in mind of what they want out of dance. Dance can branch out and offer various opportunities, be it becoming an instructor, choreographer, background dancer or a reality show winner. Once one decides on a path, things will pan out more swiftly and building a career would become relatively easier.

Macedon’s message,

“Do what you love and love what you do.Be passionate about whatever you do in life even if it’s the smallest job because your passion along with your hard work will take you places. Enjoy whatever you do however you do because if you don’t enjoy what you’re doing then you’ll never be happy even if you’re successful. Dance because you want to and not because you can make money, gain views, followers, likes, on social media. Do it for the love of art and the rest will follow automatically. Stay Humble, stick to your roots and lastly, celebrate dance.”


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